Thursday, 16 October 2008


I managed to pick up some work gloves from Asda last night so I can carry on clearing my garden without endless nettle stings. I have a full day of classes today and work tomorrow so I'll probably not get round to any gardening until the weekend. Sad, but at least I shall be able to do more this time.

I got my green manure seeds yesterday, along with a helpful little information booklet. I'll be broadcasting Hungarian Rye over my newly dug soil sometime in the next week hopefully.

I got my seeds from; two packs, plus the information booklet and postage came to £6.63. Not bad I think, hopefully my first wise investment into my gardening (apart from the gloves of course!)

The Organic Gardening catalogue (ordered from the same website) came in the post this morning. I'm currently looking through it like I used to look through the Argos catalogue for my Christmas presents... 'I want that... oooh, I'd love some of them, wow! some of those as well.' I could almost see my boyfriend tightening his grip on his wallet out of the corner of my eye.

Hopefully I won't get too carried away, but I'm off to Google more seed catalogues!

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